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"Finally, an Affordable Alternative to Stem Cell Therapy!"

We lose 50% of our stem cell activity when we turn 30. By age 60, at least 90% of our stem cells are dormant. LifeWave's X39 patches naturally activate our own copper peptides which activate our stem cells! They heal and restore!

These powerful patches give you...

  • More energy to live a full and happy life

  • Healing deep sleep for faster recovery

  • Overall health and wellness

Plus - they're free from drugs and stimulants!

How Does It Work?

Phototherapy! The X39 patches are designed to stimulate copper peptides which activates our own stem cells!

Scientist and Founder David Schmidt has 130 patents. This Technology has 80 Studies, 30 Peer - Reviewed Studies.

"My baby granddaughter's chronic ulcerations started healing in 2 days!"

  • Increased Energy, Mental Stamina

  • Scars lighten, Scar Tissue Disappears

  • Insomnia Disappears, Dreams

  • Relief from Pain and Neuropathy

"This gives the brain exactly what it

needs to heal!"

Parents Notice:

  • Student Relief from PTSD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Tendencies

  • Reduction in Autism Related Meltdowns

  • Reduction in Seizures

Ready to Earn Money?
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Talk to Dr. Marianne if you want to be a partner, having access to the most innovative products at wholesale prices, benefit from a life changing compensation plan, and join a purposeful community with a common mission - helping heal the world one patch at a time.

"I'm finally able to relax and focus on the moment!"

  • Reduction in OCD & Anxiety

  • Reduction in SSRI medication

  • Finally able to engage in Social Activities

"I started seeing results with

the very first patch!"

  • Able to Self-Regulate after overstimulation

  • Reduction in Dementia related behaviors

  • New hair growth

Ready To Live Your Best Life?

You have a 30-day money back guarantee! There is nothing to lose! Start now to reverse aging! If not now, when? God gets the glory!

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